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Distance Control - Putting

The key to putting is distance control. Players 3 putt because your first putt never finishes close enough to the hole.
Next time you play and you have to hit a putt, estimate how far in metres the ball needs to travel before you have a practice swing.
Why should you do this, because you need to tell your brain how far the ball needs to travel. You do this out on the course when you are playing your shots into the green by finding the nearest sprinkler head, however most poor putters only work on their putting mechanics when they are on the green and never work on their distance control.
As a side note, for the majority of players, if you produce a comfortable putting motion the ball will travel between 8-9m. This means that once you know this and you can start to produce that motion then every putt is either more or less swing relative to this putt.  
Before your next round, go onto the putting green and without aiming at a hole, hit 10 putts with a swing that feels comfortable to you, (trying to produce the same swing every time) then measure how far the average of the balls have traveled. This will tell you how far the ball travels with that swing, then you can have more or less swing depending upon how far away you are.
This exercise will help your distance control and therefore lower your number of putts.
Good Golfing,
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