Mark's Weekly Tip - The Key to hitting the ball straighter and longer

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Every person wants to hit the ball longer, straighter and more consistently.
There is a swing that enables all of these above things to happen. Ultimately the golf swing is a circular action and all that happens is we change clubs to hit the ball different lengths and at different trajectories.
Most players slice the ball and hit the ball shorter because they try to swing the golf club straight back and straight through. This concept seems correct but will hit the ball shorter and further off line!!!!!
Imagine the golf ball was teed up to hip high, how would you swing to hit the ball straight?
The answer is that to hit the ball straight you would make a rounded swing. This rounded swing would produce a straight ball flight and more generate clubhead speed. The only difference between a baseball swing and a golf swing is that we have to lean over to hit a stationary ball on the ground.
Therefore, what I want you to do is practice golf swings at around knee high, starting off with small swings then gradually building up before you lean over more. As you lean over more, you still need to swing around your body. If you do have a net, practice off a tee initially then gradually lower the tee as you start hitting shots better.
From a consistency point of view, the ball goes as a result of your swing. As such, if you do the same thing each time, then the ball WILL do the same thing each time. It has to!
Therefore when you are doing these rounded swings, always swing through to a balanced finish position. Make a point of really holding your finish position!! All good players can hold their finish positions, most amateurs take no notice of their finish positions.
The next golf tip will be about the importance of holding your finish position. It is critical in terms of getting better but amateurs never work on it.
Good Golfing,
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Richard Mittra
Thanks for the tip Marcus. It is sad to be saying goodbye to you and your stellar team but as you may, or may not know, Il am in the process of migrating to a new club myself. I was never happy at Beaconsfield and recent events and management style precipitated my decision to make the move. Please advise young Josh that I did come over last week to say goodbye and exchange phone numbers but the gate was locked. I wish him well at his new occupation.

well mate enjoy your return to Cranbourne and remember, I will get in touch to one day have a game there.

Very best regards.

14/08/2020 11:54:36 PM

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