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By : Mark Auhl

The shot to the green is the most important shot you will play on the hole. This shot determines what score you will ultimately have.
The better you hit the shot to the green the lower the scores. We have all hit a poor tee shot, chipped out sideways, then played a fabulous 3rd shot close to the hole and still scored a 4. Conversely, we have all also hit a lovely tee shot only then to play a poor shot to the green into a really bad position and racked up a large number.
When you play your shot to the green from an attacking position you will always score better than if you are playing your shot to the green from a defensive position.
For the majority of players with higher handicaps, you should never attempt to play a shot to the green once you are more than 130m from the green, but rather play a club that finishes short of the green.
This is due to the fact that the majority of players with handicaps higher than 13, would not be able to execute this shot 7 times out of 10, therefore when you try it you will invariably miss the green more often than not.
Therefore, when assessing whether you are going to play to the green from any range,
  1. Assess whether you can hit the shot you are about to play enough times to justify any risk that you may have. (ie. If you are poor at bunkers, playing a long club into a green that is surrounded in bunkers is not a smart strategy)
  2. Assess what will happen to your score if you do not happen to play the shot perfectly.
With this in mind, if you cannot honestly hit the shot you are about to play 7 times out of 10 to some success, or if the penalty for missing is too great, then play towards the front of the green.
The front of the green will normally give you the easiest shot into the green, whereas missing to the side normally provides you with the hardest shots.
Keep this strategy in mind next time you are playing and keep the high scores off your card.
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