Golf Tip - Work out which clubs you normally hit into the greens

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By : Mark Auhl

The quickest way to lower your scores is to have less putts. To be able to have less putts though, you need to hit your shot to the green closer to the hole.

As such, a really important piece of information every Golf Professional knows, for any course they play, is the range of clubs that they are likely to be hitting into the greens.

For me around Cranbourne, because I generally drive the ball around 240m off the tee with my driver, then on most of the holes I am going to be playing either a pitch shot from 30-70m or iron/ hybrid shots from 130-200m. As such, when I go out to practice my shots, I practice in these ranges.

Over the next few rounds take note of the range of clubs that you use when you are in a realistic position to expect to hit the ball on the greens. From this information, start practicing with those clubs, trying to hit the ball closer to a target.

By improving these areas then you will be a much better chance of hitting the ball closer to the hole. When you are out on the course and you are outside these club ranges, do yourself a favour and resist the temptation to try and hit the 5 iron or hybrid at the green because you might be able to hit the ball onto the green and just play short of the green leaving a simple shot. I guarantee you will score better as a result.

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