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By : Mark Auhl

Every person wants to hit the ball longer, straighter and more consistently.
There is a swing that enables all of these above things to happen. Ultimately, the golf swing is a circular action (because we stand side-on to the ball) and all that happens is we change clubs to hit the ball different lengths and at different trajectories.
Most players slice the ball and hit the ball shorter because they try to swing the golf club straight back and straight through. This concept seems correct but will hit the ball shorter and further off line.
Imagine if the golf ball were teed up to hip high, how would you swing to hit the ball straight?
To hit the ball straight you would make a rounded swing. This rounded swing would produce a straight ball flight and more generate clubhead speed. The only difference between a baseball swing and a golf swing is that we have to lean over to hit a stationary ball.
Practice baseball swings then lean over and swing around your body. Practice off a tee initially then gradually lower the tee as you start hitting shots longer and straighter than ever before. (Remember that you slice because you hit the ball with the clubface open so when you are doing your rounded swings allow your clubface to turn over which will stop your slice.) 
Good Golfing
Mark Auhl
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