Course Report – July/August 2018

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By : Shaun Lehane

Greens – The greens have held up quite well over the past couple of months with the dryer winter we have had. They are at a good speed and are running smooth. They are due for a light dusting of sand but we will now wait until the coring which is just around the corner. We are currently cutting 1-2 times and rolling twice a week. They have been treated with a preventative fungicide and also been fertilised.
Fairways – The fairways have held up quite well over the winter months. Right now we are seeing them start to gather a few more worm castings but hopefully we are nearing the end and the areas won’t need to be treated. They are currently keeping quite dry as the amount of rain we have had has been below average. The fairways have been treated for disease and a preventative for Poa control.
Bunkers – The bunkers have held up well for the winter period and we are raking them 2 – 3 times per week. They received the monthly renovation of the edges and we will continue to monitor sand levels and smoothness as needed. We will wait until better weather to continue on with the renovation program as the remaining bunkers will need turf for the faces and this time of year isn’t the best for relaying couch grass. The remaining bunkers are the 13th, 14th and 17th.
Plantation RHS 14th and 18th tee– On the RHS of the 14th we started clearing out the smaller trees (which have self-sown) to make room for the larger more established trees. This will also help with the air flow going across the 12th green area. It has also opened up the view between holes which looks much better aesthetically. We plan to continue further down the 14th and clear out the next lot of small self-sown trees.
We started to remove a few unsightly trees beside the tees at the 18th. The idea was to open up the view across the 17th green and the dam. We also trimmed down the vegetation to a lower height to also help with aesthetics.

Dam wall at 16 – the Tree huggers have planted about 2500 plants into the dam wall on the 15th and 16th fairways. We weren’t planning on putting netting over the plants but the water hens and coots have been pulling them out of the ground. Luckily a couple of the tree huggers were able to source the net and it will stay in place until the plants have taken root.


Pro shop wash down area – I had the Tree huggers widen and lengthen the wash down area in front of the pro shop. The idea was to prevent any water or debris from flooding the carpark which is clearly very unsightly. The concrete slab will be poured in the next couple of weeks with the help of Tony in the clubhouse.


Stumps – in the past month we hired in a stump grinder to get around to all the stumps on the course. There were about 60 in total which took around 2 days to do. In the future we will do the same after we have about a day’s work built up with stump grinding.


Works undertaken in June/July
  • Bunker renovation
  • Irrigation repairs
  • Spray fairways x 2
  • Burning tree debris
  • Fertilise greens, tees and surrounds
  • Verti-cut collars
  • Tree work at 14th
  • Tree work at 18th tee
  • Planting dam wall
  • Fungicide application to greens
  • Paths at 10th and 13th
Upcoming works
  • Path repairs
  • Bunker maintenance
  • Fertilise greens
  • Fertilise surrounds
  • Preventative fungicide to greens
  • Irrigation repairs
  • Tree maintenance 14th
  • Stump grinding
  • Greens coring
  • Bunker drainage and re-sanding
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