Junior Golf


Mark Shaw supports two Australian Junior initiatives.
MyGolf is driven and supported by Golf Australia and the PGA of Australia. I teach and develop our kids using the First Swing Golf Program for my little ones and first timers until they progress to a level to participate in the MyGolf program before entering into the Deep Creek Golf Club Advanced Junior Golf Development Squad
First Swing engages participants through programs designed to kick start a lifelong love of the game of golf, using a fun, active and inclusive approach.
   First Swing deliver programs at traditional and non- traditional facilities using modified equipment.Our programs teach girls and boys of all ages and abilities the basic fundamentals. First Swing programs are designed and developed by Australian PGA Professionals.

The Junior Pathway at Mark Shaw Golf



Offer Weekly Classes

By adding structure and a curriculum students and parents know exactly what they will be working on each week.

  • Instant access to the FIrst Swing coach resources
  • Instant access to term plans
  • Equipment supplied

engage and Track their progress

Because the students actually go play golf you are able to track their progress and more effectively help them reach their goals.
  • Gamify your golfers improvement
  • Issue goals via the app
  • Send program announcements



How do players progress?

During each program players are continuously tracked in 4 fundamental skill categories. When a player completes all skill categories and they knowledge and play categories they graduate to the next program.

Step 1. FUNdamentals

Players are scored for each of the FUNdamnetals through game based learning, coaches use key words, phrase to teach each task.

Players are then score based on their skill using the birdie par and bogey method.


Step 2. PLAY

Little Swingers & FUNdamental Swingers

Players to complete each level need to demonstrate their PLAY ability through a skill test.

Little Swingers and FUNdamental Swingers will have 3 challenges

  1. Whack It!
  2. Nudge It!
  3. Roll It!

Successfully completing the PLAY section, along with FUNdamental skills tasks, players will graduate to the next level.

Junior Swingers

Junior Swingers have 3 levels oncourse

  • 3 Hole
  • 6 Hole

Players will have a set score they need to beat along with their FUNdamental skills tasks, players will graduate to the next level.

We also recommend course lengths for Junior Development players to be around 2400m or more in length for 9B and 2700m or more for 9A players


  Enrol in First Swing Programs www.firstswing.com.au

Enrol in MyGolf Programs
 www. MyGolf.org.au

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