$44 000 for a putter?

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By : BGA Proshop

$44 000 for a putter. You heard that right but this is not just any putter. This was Tiger Woods’ backup putter from 2001.  

Woods is well known for having used the same custom Scotty Cameron putter for 13 of his 14 major championships. Woods used another Scotty Cameron putter to win his first Masters Championship and that was a Teryllium TeI3 putter. He has also used the same make and model putter grip his whole professional career which is the Ping PP58. If you look closely next time you watch Woods play you can see the Ping man and logo on the grip.  

Green Jacket Auctions who sold this putter listed the below in the description for the sale of this putter:

Offered here is one of Tiger Woods' actual Scotty Cameron putters from 2001. Now, this was not the putter that Tiger used to win 13 Major Championships; that putter is still owned by Tiger and is easily worth well over $1,000,000. The offered putter is what's famously known as a Tiger Woods "back-up" - a putter produced for Tiger to practice with and experiment with should he decide to switch putters, or should something happen to the original putter and a backup needed to be called into duty. According to Scotty Cameron, he only produced 1 or 2 "back-up" putters for Tiger each year they worked together. Tiger would try out the back-ups, and even practice with them to ensure they were to his liking, but (so the legend goes) Tiger only used his one trusty gamer in actual tournament play.

As you can imagine, since only a small handful of Tiger Woods Scotty Cameron back-up putters were ever produced, even fewer have ever reached the collector market. Surely any Tiger Woods putter is highly valuable, but offered here is a true putter of Tiger's from 2001 - when Tiger was at his peak. As far as we know, the most recent early 2000s Tiger Woods backup putter to reach the collector market sold for $60,000 to a collector in Japan in 2015.  

This putter comes with a certificate of authenticity from Scotty Cameron, who describes it as follows "Made for Tiger Woods, GSS Newport II with rare vertical stamping & sight dot". The putter also comes with a 2nd letter from 2003 on Scotty Cameron's own letterhead, which also states "This putter was made as a backup for Tiger Woods."

All I got out of reading that description was that his current putter and the one that he uses is worth over $1000000. Now that is a lot of zeros for a putter.
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