BGA Announces Partnership with Foresight Sports Australia

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By : BGA Pro Shop


Foresight Sport Australia is welcome to bring on BGA Pro Shop as the distributor of its range in Victoria, Western Australia, South Australia and Tasmania. 

Foresight Sports Australia offer a variety of Golf Simulation products for the home and for the Golf Professional. Their latest product, the Foresight Quad is one of the best fitting technology systems in the world and was recently rated one of the hottest products at the recent PGA Golf Show in Orlando, Florida and review by MY GOLF SPY.

You’d be hard-pressed to find another company, especially one who plays in the tech space, with more going on than Foresight Sports. Of perhaps greatest interest to us and I hope, by extension, our readers, is the new putting module. Still in beta, the firmware add-on for GCQuad offers comprehensive putting data including putter equivalents of key HMT metrics as well as ball data like speed, launch angle, skid, and more. It’s a major addition for instructors, R&D guys, and certainly for MyGolfSpy as we look to grow our understanding of putter performance and provide you with more information.
At demo day, the company unveiled DTS – a downrange camera system that tracks landing and rollout more precisely than any launch monitor system on the planet. Initial launch data for DTS comes from GCQuad and the new bits are fully integrated with the FSX software platform.

DTS has implications in the gamification space (Topgolf competitor, Drive Shack, is expected to use the system) as well as for R&D departments who’ve never before had such a precise view into what happens as the ball lands, hops, skips, and rolls.

As an aside: What’s really cool to see is that with DTS, Foresight is taking steps to address a perceived weakness in its system; specifically, the inability to capture full ball flight (at least when wind and whatnot is in play). A fully developed DTS system, though not practical in every environment, would be the undisputed best in class for full flight data. Also at the show, Trackman, which has been dinged for inaccuracies in its impact location algorithms, debuted updates to its system intended to challenge Foresight’s HMT. It’s too soon to know what full implementations for either will look like, but it’s a great example of competitors pushing each other, ultimately leading to better products for users.

Foresight also unveiled its overhead GCHawk technology, which is essentially overhead GC launch monitor technology built for indoor golf facilities and other locations where moving the unit to the other side of the bay to accommodate lefties might otherwise be problematic. While that’s certainly practical in an instructional environment, again gamification is part of the story as Hawk puts the company at the forefront of the discussion of technologies to power indoor golf and golf gaming facilities.

If that wasn’t enough, the company also teased its upcoming release of FSX2018. Boasting significantly improved graphics the new software will be the first major update to the company’s software platform in several years.


With Trackman unquestionably the most popular device among Golf Pros in Australia, recent independent reviews have also taken place to show how the GC Quad stacks up against Trackman.

BGA are excited to work with one of the best Golf Simulation providers in the market who offer what we rate as the best product in the market in the GC Quad. Not only is it great for fitting, but great for practice and for playing social simulation golf.

Other products in the range include the GC2, HMT, Foresight Putting Software and other packages for full home or studio fit outs.

For more information about Foresight Sports click here!
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