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By : BGA ProShop

They asked for a Super Computer with Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and it was granted to help deliver what Callaway are calling FLASH FACE. A face that has been made using over 15,000 calculated prototypes to produce what Callway's A.I. believes will deliver the fastest ever face which will deliver faster ball speed and therefore longer distance. 


Callaway invited us to their Australian HQ to take a closer look at the product and at first glance, this face is certainly different. You   could say that someone in their machining room just   royally screwed up, or Callaway have absolutely done their home work and used an abundance of data to move weight thickness behind the face to achieve optimal results for golfers.   As always, the design and technology has been engineered to make shots that are hit in the centre of the face hotter and faster. Like most brands, it is then about calculating where   most golfers 'miss' centre and making those areas in particular more forgiving or in this case, faster with FLASH.

The 2019 EPIC FLASH also incorporates Callway's jailbreak technology and if you haven't already looked into it, this technology does make a difference. So as a refresher .... What is Jailbreak Technology and what does it do? 

Jailbreak features two titanium bars behind the clubface that are parallel to each other and connect the crown and sole, in effect looking like the bars on a jail cell. When a ball is struck, the key structural components of any club (crown, sole and face ) all bend, flex and rebound at impact. With the crown and sole now connected by Callaway's Jailbreak Technology, the face of the club becomes more efficient, taking on more of the load created at impact than ever before and converting that energy into faster ball speeds off the face.

The result? Callaway's extensive player testing found that ball speed increased by up to 2 miles per hour (across a larger area of the face no less), thus boosting average distance for different swing types.


The crown is made of a new lighter triaxial carbon fabric called T2C which has tighter weave then previous carbon fibre crowns. This allowed Callaway to gain furthe weight savings in the head to increase the MOI (forgiveness) for off centre hits.

The EPIC Flash also features an adjustable 16 gram sliding rear weight, but this one you might notice looks slightly different. Previous adjustable weights tend to have a wider footprint on the sole of the driver allowing you to move the weight right down especially on the heal. You will notice in EPIC Flash the span of the adjustable slider is slightly smaller. This is because Callaway again have put some serious data testing and tracking in place to realise that moving a 16gram weight to the very heal of a wide sliding mechanism, takes the weight away from the rear of the club head which in turn reduced MOI (forgiveness) which is something almost every golfer needing the draw setting would be looking for. 

Callaway's EPIC Flash drivers come in two models being the EPIC Flash and the EPIC Flash Sub Zero, with the Sub Zero being the driver for the better player. It features an advanced head shape and internal weighting to create a rare combination of high MOI and low spin in a player’s driver, resulting in more forgiveness and longer distance.


Both models also feature Callaway's OptiFit adjustability allowing you more options in your purchase. The hosel consists of two cogs - an upper cog and a lower cog - that rotate independently to provide a total of 8 possible loft and lie combinations. Best of all, your grip will always stay aligned using the OptiFit meaning you can use alignment grips on your driver and they will always line up correctly. Better yet, Callaway have included one in the EPIC Flash for you with the Golf Pride to launch the Multi-Compound Align Green grip.

Callaway look to have done their homework and the combination of the key technologies (flash face, jailbreak, sliding weight, optifit and T2C crown) look like they could really have a strong performing driver on their hands. 

Stay tuned after we do a full day of testing on the 4th February and as always, feel free to leave your thoughts and comments below.


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