Danny Willett claims victory again at the BMW PGA Championship

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It has been a rollercoaster ride for Danny Willet. After winning the 2016 Masters Tournament and his first maiden Major Championship victory, Willet moved into the world’s top 10 rankings but since then it has been a lean run for the Masters Champ. Just 16 months ago in the same tournament, Willet slipped outside the world’s top 400 golfers but managed to bounce back with a victory in January at the DP World Tour Championship in Dubai.

With another victory today at the BMW PGA Championship at Wentworth Golf Club, he will climb back into the world’s top 40 and it has been a long road back.

Willet and runner up Jon Rahm had been locked in the lead since the end of round 2. They went blow for blow over the weekend and were still tied after the third round. In the end Willet managed to card a final round 67 to Rahm 70 to claim a three shot win over the Spaniard.

After the round Willet said “Winning on British soil for the first time after I’ve been to so many dark places in the past few years is one of those fairytale stories you never expect to come true.”

“There has been a lot of turmoil to go through since the Masters, and no-one apart from my wife Nicole and the members of my team have seen how much hard work went into turning things round."

"The last kind of eight months now, ten months with a couple of wins in the Rolex Series events really, really puts things right in my own mind, which is nice," he said.

“I was driven on by an undying want to get back there I was willing to change whatever had to be changed."

“Even on the bad days I realised playing golf for a living is a really beautiful thing to do. It’s all I ever wanted, so I’m incredibly proud to be in this position again."

“I’m incredibly proud of what I've been able to achieve in the last 12 months.”

"Any tournament win is amazing. That's now my seventh win on Tour and every single time I've won, they have been pretty stellar events against pretty stellar fields."

"It's more being able to compete under the pressure with everything that's happened, that self-belief in what you're doing, the inner stuff that you say to yourself, the things that people don't see on the outside, the hours you put in, what you've got to do and what you've got to sacrifice."

"The one thing for me is that I would have been completely happy with myself today if I had finished first or tenth and I think that's the big difference. I think before, winning was one of the main things when you get in that position and that makes winning harder."

"For me, it was the ability to get in position, in contention, I think is a lot harder than winning."

"It's nice to be up there most of the week. So you get them butterflies, you get that feeling every day, every morning, getting ready, getting warmed up. So it's been an amazing week."

"When the golf was real bad and I didn't really fancy playing it, to be able to then come down the stretch today and enjoy it is something that's a real beautiful thing to be able to do because, at the end of the day, when I was ten that's what I took golf up for because I enjoyed it and I wanted to get better."

"That's what you want to play the game for. You want to be able to enjoy it and have a laugh with the crowds and embrace what you're doing and enjoy all the factors around it."

"There was a lot of time I had there where I didn't enjoy any second of it whatsoever. I think that helps put you in a place where a bad shot on a Sunday in contention can ruin someone's year but I'm incredibly happy within myself."

"If that would have happened today, it would have been one of them things, I'd have driven home and had a bottle of wine probably and gotten over it and gone and pegged it up next week and that's it."

"We're all where we're supposed to be at that moment in time and fortunately for me, this is where it's ended up."
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