Stolen clubs? No worries for Cody Blick

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By : BGA Proshop

Becoming a full-time golf professional is not easy. The process to earn a PGA Tour card is tough and almost all professionals aspire to play on the PGA Tour. That is where the money is and with that, there is also big endorsement money as well. There are many challenging ways to earn a spot on the PGA Tour but one way is through the secondary tour called the tour. This tour is similar to the PGA Tour but without the glitz and glamour of the main tour but it is a good stepping stone to the big stage. To get on the tour you need to qualify as it gives you a path to the main tour. The top 25 of the are given PGA Tour memberships for the next season.

Spare a thought for Cody Blick and what he had to go through to earn a spot on the As he was about to go into his final round every golfer’s worst nightmare became a reality. His clubs were stolen. This would be like going into a major presentation without your notes or talking points. You could probably wing it but you would prefer to have your “tools” with you. Taking to social media Blick asked the public for help and offered a $5000 cash reward no questions asked but unfortunately, the clubs did not show up.   

So with no other choice, he played the final round with the Superintendent’s driver, pro shop’s wedges, random irons and a heavier than usual putter and proceeded to fire a bogey-free a 63 to vault him up the leaderboard. He finished 19 under for the week and T25, guaranteeing him the first eight events of next season.

But this is not even the best part of the story. Thinking that he would never see his clubs again he was surprised to receive a text from his mom to tell about this wild story.

The story goes, a woman from Arizona encountered a homeless man asking for money. The woman asked if he had anything to sell, so he went back into his tent and pulled out a bag of Titleist golf clubs, which she gave him $75 for.

As luck would have it, Blick had his last name stamped on his wedges so the woman jumps on online to see if she could find the owner. She quickly came across Blick’s incredible Q-school story and made contact with his mum through the white pages.

“I was pretty excited, but I was also pretty skeptical,” Blick said in an interview on Golf Channel.

In the end, a friend of Blick’s met the woman at an In-N-Out Burger and gave her $300 for the long-lost clubs.

The clubs ended up being in great shape, especially Blick’s beloved Scotty Cameron putter, but his bag was destroyed.

“It’s a cool story and everything, but the fact that they were in some dude’s tent kinda creeps me out,” Blick said.

Blick doesn’t plan on using the clubs due to the fact that Titleist quickly provided him with a new set after Q-school, but he’s considering putting them in a glass case eventually to preserve them for history.
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