The final round of The Masters Tournament on Youtube

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By : BGA Proshop

With The Masters Tournament starting on the 5th of April (USA Time) we have been gifted with something very special.

The Masters' official YouTube account has loaded the final round of every tournament dating back to 1968. That is 50 years and 150 hours of reliving some of the best memories in golf.  

For those who are too young and have never seen some of the legends play the game now is your chance. After seeing them win one of the best golf tournaments in the world you will understand why we call them a legend of the game.

This gave me an opportunity to watch the 2013 Masters Tournament again. As a proud Aussie, this was the year that Adam Scott won and I still remember where I was watching it on the day. As I was in Melbourne, Australia the final round broadcast for me was Monday morning and pretty much the whole office had stopped work to gather around the TV in the boardroom to watch the dramatic finish.  By watching it again I quickly forgot how close he came to losing it and it wasn’t anything that Scott did but the near misses Cabrera had on the first playoff hole where he almost chipped in and the second playoff hole where he almost holed his birdie putt.

I guess they say the rest is history but that day will be etched in my memory forever.

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