Titleist TS2 Hybrid

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Introducing the Titleist TS2 Hybrid.

Titleist are saying that the TS2 is a forgiving long-iron replacement designed to maximize performance from a sweeping swing.
  • Thinner, faster face for improved distance
  • Ultra-thin crown
  • Streamlined shape for greater clubhead speed
  • SureFit Flatweight for adjustable swingweight
But let’s delve into this a bit deeper..

Distance is just one element Titleist are claiming for these hybrids, with the other two being Descent and Dispersion. Essentially they’re saying that the TS2 will land from a steeper angle creating more control hitting into greens and Dispersion will be a lot tighter.

The TS hybrids come with the same options of shafts as the TS drivers and fairway woods.
This allows the individual to keep the same shaft in all woods in their bag, if they are deemed fit ofcourse.
The TS2 comes with the SureFit Tour adjustable hosel that varies the loft in 1° increments, rather than the 0.75° on the other TS woods.
This allows you to change loft and lie independently of each other.

With the new TS2 and TS3 range, Titleist have gone back to the darker black finish with their hybrids and I think this is a massive plus and it is much more appealing to the eye than the previous grey finish.
The TS2 also loses the SureFit CG weight cylinder in favour of a single sole weight positioned just behind the face to lower the CG, but not draw it back too much.
There is still an Active Recoil Channel in there to maximise ball speed, but it is now hidden from view, therefore the TS2 has the first flush sole since the Titleist 913 Hybrid.

So let’s take a look at the numbers…

I tested the 19 Degree TS2 and let’s just say this club felt and looks phenomenal. For me this club needs to fit between a 4iron and 3 wood and it did just that, Averaging a carry distance of 205 Metres, with a descent angle of 48 degrees, allowing me to hit it into greens without the fear of it rolling through.
The Titleist TS2 is a fantastic club and I could not recommend it any more. It is most certainly going straight in my bag and I suggest that you go and test it for yourself today.
Overall Rating: 9.5/10
RRP: $425 AUD
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