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By : BGA Proshop

Defending chamion Sergio Garcia was 2 over going into the 15th hole. After walking off the 15th he was 10 over.

So what happened you ask?

After smashing a 322 yard drive down the left centre of the fairway, Garcia only had 205 yards left to the par 5. With a 6 iron in his hand he hit his second short into the water at the front of the green. He then took a penalty from 90 yards out, hit what he thought was a good shot but spun it back into the water. 

“I thought it was perfect, straight at the flag,” the Garcia said.

“If it carries probably two more feet, it’s probably good.

Garcia went on to put 3 more in the water and with his 12 shot finally hit it to 8 foot pin high left and made the putt to tie the record for the highest score on any hole in Masters history.

“I don’t know what to tell you. It’s one of those things. I feel like it’s the first time in my career where I make a 13 without missing a shot. Simple as that."

“I felt like I hit a lot of good shots and unfortunately the ball just didn’t want to stop. So it’s just unfortunate, but that’s what it is."

“It’s not the first time the pin’s been there, but with the firmness of the greens and everything I felt like the ball was going to stop and unfortunately for whatever reason it didn’t want to.”

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