Who is Jeff Knox?

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By : BGA Proshop

Who is Jeff Knox and why does he have a cult hero status at The Masters?

There is a rule at The Masters Championship that if there are an odd number of players to make the cut over the weekend that the competitor can no go out as a single. So in steps Jeff Knox, he is known as the marker and is no weekend warrior.

Jeff Knox is a member of Augusta National Golf Club and owns the course record of 61 from the member tees. His best score from the Masters tees is 69.  

Knox has played with some of the best players in the world around Augusta with the likes of Rory McIlroy, Sergio Garcia, Bubba Watson and Jason Day. In 2014 when he played with world number 1 Rory McIIroy, Knox beat him by a stroke and McIlroy shot 71. That is when the legend of Jeff Knox grew. After the round McIlroy said “"He's the best I've ever seen on Augusta's greens,". He was so impressed with Knox that he requested a practice round with him in 2015, with the hope of learning some of Jeff’s secrets.

 Justin Thomas also knows Jeff Knox through Knox’s son Lee as the two were teammates at Alabama. "The dude's an absolute legend," Thomas says of Jeff. "I'd take him over anyone in the world on those greens, hands down."

In 2017 when Jason Day had to tee it up with Knox on Saturday a reporter asked if Day knew who Knox was and that he had a reputation for beating the pro he is paired with but Day just gave a nervous laugh.
“I heard that he beat Rory. He said he was nervous on the first tee and I’m like, in my head I’m kind of nervous because I don’t want to let my marker beat me,” Day said.

So next year when you are watching the Masters and odd number make the cut, keep an eye out for Jeff Knox.
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