Putting The Joy Of The Game In Your Hands

The thrills of golf are out there. Everywhere. The joy of splitting a tree-lined fairway. The rush of watching a 25-foot putt disappear into the cup. The satisfaction of seeing a ball follow the precise flight path you visualized. Elusive, but endlessly alluring, these thrills are golf’s greatest rewards. And every day, we stop at nothing to build the tools golfers need to achieve them. So whether your name is Phil Mickelson or you've written your name on a scorecard for the very first time, we at Callaway have a single aim: to deliver the best performing products the game has ever known—products that perform so well, they literally put the joy of the game in your hands. Because the thrills of golf are out there. And we believe everyone with passion for the game deserves the confidence to go out and experience them.

Callaway Golf was founded in 1982 by the late Ely Callaway, a visionary entrepreneur who operated under a simple but profound business promise: Deliver Demonstrably Superior, Pleasingly Different products and services. That philosophy turned what was originally a boutique manufacturer of high-quality wedges and putters into the world's largest maker of premium, performance golf products. The Callaway mission and vision has remained the same; we passionately pursue advanced, innovative technologies that help golfers of all abilities find more enjoyment from the game. Under the Callaway and Odyssey brands, Callaway manufactures and sells golf clubs and golf balls, and sells golf apparel, footwear and accessories in more than 110 countries worldwide.

Callaway Rogue Drivers

The Rogue Driver delivers exceptional ball speed from the combination of our new Jailbreak Technology and X-Face VFT plus increased MOI for a breakthrough in driver performance.

Rogue Driver

Callaway’s new Rogue drivers – Rogue, Rogue Draw and Rogue Sub Zero – all feature a series of technologies that work together to promote faster ball speed. Two in particular, Jailbreak and X-Face VFT (Variable Face Thickness) technology, support each other in an especially critical way.

“We aligned these technologies to amplify what we call the Jailbreak Effect,” said Dr. Alan Hocknell, head of Callaway R&D, “which is all about promoting faster ball speed on both center and off-center hits to help golfers get more average distance on nearly every drive.”


Jailbreak’s function, and how it works, remains the same. The bars’ position insidethe head, behind the face, effectively stiffens the body to prevent the crown and sole from deforming and bulging outward at impact. That changes how the face behaves at impact, allowing it to focus more energy on the ball. Callaway callsthat “Energy Lensing,” and it promotes more ball speed for longer distance.

What has changed about Jailbreak is the shape and weight of the bars.Their new, hourglass shape makes them 25% lighter than first-generation Jailbreak bars. This is important because in club design, every gram that can be moved to a place where it contributes to enhanced performance, matters.


Callaway’s X-Face VFT technology entails varying the thickness of the face in strategic ways and places to help the face flex faster, especially on off-center hits. In Rogue, we enhanced VFT through a sophisticated optimization process that consists of successive iterations using finite element analysis to simulate the impact of the ball at more than 100 unique impact locations on the face. The thicknesses of every point on the face are incrementally adjusted during each iteration, based on the allowable stress limit of the face material and the face-speed limit established by the USGA.


The overall benefit of Jailbreak Effect in all three Rogue drivers is the promotion of fast ball speed for long distance from a relatively large area of the face, to help golfers attain long distance more often, both on center-face contact and off-center contact.

Rogue Sub Zero Driver


The Rogue Sub Zero driver is designed to promote a combination of fast ball speed and extremely low spin, while also being extremely forgiving and easy to launch. That’s extraordinary because low-spin and forgiveness are qualities that historically haven’t co-existed in a better-player’s driver, making Rogue Sub Zero a superior feat of engineering and a unique offering: A driver designed to deliver launch conditions that appeal to Tour pros, yet is so easy to hit that many amateurs will want to put it in play.

Rogue Sub Zero’s high-level performance starts with Callaway’s patented Jailbreak Technology, which drastically changes how the head behaves at impact. New, hourglass-shaped titanium Jailbreak bars save 3 grams without affecting their effectiveness at stiffening the crown and sole, allowing the ultra-thin face to take on more impact-load to promote more ball speed.

Callaway Rogue Fairway Woods

The Rogue fairway woods borrow distance-enhancing technologies first used in Callaway drivers to deliver more ball speed and distance.

Rogue Fairway Wood

The Rogue fairway wood is the first fairway wood with Callaway’s Jailbreak ball-speed-enhancing technology. Making that happen is a significant achievement in metalwood engineering, according to Dr. Alan Hocknell, head of R&D.

“We faced two big challenges in putting Jailbreak technology to work in a fairway wood, starting with the clubhead’s smaller size and shallower height,” said Hocknell. “Determining the size, weight, geometry and positioning of the bars took significant time and testing.”

The second challenge was figuring out how to make Jailbreak and Callaway’s renowned Face Cup technology complement each other. Face Cup promotes fast ball speed for long distance, and expands the area of the clubface that delivers fast ball speed, helping golfers maintain good distance results on off-center hits. It played a key role in making Callaway the game’s most popular fairway wood during the past two years.

In Rogue fairway woods, the ultra-thin, 455 Carpenter steel clubface is cast separately for precise rendering of Face Cup’s renowned cup-like architecture, especially the rim around the face’s perimeter. The shaping and varying thicknesses of the rim are critical to its ability to flex and rebound at impact, which promotes fast ball speed, especially on off-center hits.

Another challenge was determining how to make Callaway’s Internal Standing Wave (ISW) technologies co-exist with Jailbreak. ISW incorporates a precisely shaped steel bar that’s precisely positioned low and forward in the head in order to establish an optimal CG location. Achieving the proper position in Rogue fairway woods required that the ISW bar be attached to the Jailbreak bars, yet determining how to securely bring them together was the big question. The answer was to cast the body, Jailbreak
bars and Internal Standing Wave weight all as a single piece of high-grade steel.
Rogue Sub Zero Fairway Wood

The Rogue Sub Zero fairway wood is the first “player’s” fairway wood to incorporate Jailbreak ball speed-enhancing technology, while also incorporating additional features that appeal to better players. Those include a compact head shape and exceptionally low-forward CG location that together promote low-spin and a high degree of workability.

The high-speed and low-spin properties of Rogue Sub Zero fairway woods create a rare set of distance-enhancing launch conditions, and are the reason Evan Gibbs, director of metalwood development, calls this club “an absolute beast.”

However, Rogue Sub Zero fairways are also extremely forgiving – on par with the standard Rogue fairways – a quality rarely found in a player’s metalwood or iron. So although these are designed for better players, their exceptional forgiveness makes them an excellent choice for any golfer seeking a lower-spinning fairway wood.

Specific technologies employed by Rogue Sub Zero fairways include Callaway’s Jailbreak, Face Cup and Internal Standing Wave technologies, an ultra-thin Carpenter 455 steel face, triaxial carbon crown and ultra-low and forward CG location. The body, Jailbreak bars and Internal Standing Wave are all cast as a single piece of steel, allowing all of these elements to work together in service of distance and forgiveness – a remarkable feat of engineering.

Callaway Rogue Hyrbids

Callaway claim the Rogue is the most powerful hybrid it has ever created. This may well be because it is the first to feature Jailbreak Technology, comprising two steel bars that stiffen the body, placing more impact load on the face to promote ball speed and distance.

Rogue Hybrid

Rogue is the most powerful hybrid that Callaway has ever created. And it’s the first time ever that they engineered our revolutionary Jailbreak Technology from our drivers into a hybrid. The synergy of Jailbreak and our Hyper Speed Face Cup (which has taken them to #1 in the hybrid category*) makes Rogue a pioneering achievement. Along with their power, they are also super-easy to launch and versatile for the total performance package.


Jailbreak Technology For The First Time In A Hybrid
Revolutionary face technology stiffens the body for more impact load on the face to increase ball speed and distance

Industry-Leading Hyper Speed Face Cup For Increased Ball Speed
Innovative Face Cup works with Jailbreak to promote fast ball speed across a larger part of the face for consistently long distance

Easy To Launch On A Long, Straight Flight
Ultra-low CG location makes these hybrids easy to hit

Rogue X Hybrid

Rogue X Hybrid introduces an entirely unique and innovative construction for a total distance overhaul. For the first time ever, Callaway have engineered their revolutionary Jailbreak Technology from their drivers into a hybrid. The synergy of Jailbreak and our Hyper Speed Face Cup (which has taken them to #1 in the category) makes Rogue X a pioneering achievement. The combination of these groundbreaking ball speed technologies along with lighter weights, stronger lofts,and a larger club head are all designed for maximum distance.


Jailbreak Technology For The First Time In A Hybrid
Revolutionary face technology stiffens the body for more impact load on the face to increase ball speed and distance

Industry-Leading Hyper Speed Face Cup For Increased Ball Speed
Innovative Face Cup works with Jailbreak to promote fast ball speed across a larger part of the face for consistently long distance

A Total Distance Overhaul
Lighter weights, stronger lofts and a larger clubhead for a hybrid that’s designed for maximum distance

Easy To Launch On A Long, Straight Flight
Ultra-low CG location makes these hybrids easy to hit

Callaway's THREE new Rogue iron models for 2018

The new Callaway Rogue iron family, which includes three varieties, makes the case that as challenging and technologically remarkable as it might be to make an iron with a spring-like effect equal to that of a driver—and they’ve done exactly that—it is as equally a demanding exercise to find a way to make these ultra-modern irons sound more like the good old days.

Rogue Irons

The standard Rogue model is aimed at a wide variety of players looking for a combination of distance, forgiveness, and feel in a handsome game-improvement package. Like many of Callaway's other iron models, the Rogue features 360-cup face technology with variable face thickness to provide big time ballspeed across a very large area of the clubface.

To offset the sometime harsh feel that comes with a thin-faced iron, urethane microspheres are used to dampen vibration and vastly improve sound and feel without negatively affecting face flex and speed. In addition, the Rogue is built with tungsten weighting to precisely position the CG of each long iron to provide optimized launch and spin control. Aldila Synergy 60 graphite or True Temper XP 95 shafts comes standard in 3-LW.

Rogue Pro Irons

For players who prefer a more compact profile and greater shot shaping ability, the Rogue Pro might be a better option than the standard model. Featuring all the same impressive technologies as the Rogue, the Pro model features a thinner topline and sole, and comes in 3-AW with True Temper XP 105 steel shafts.

Rogue X Irons

The Rogue X is also available for aggressive players who put a premium on distance. Along with the various distance-enhancing technologies in the Rogue and Rogue Pro models, the X also features slightly longer shaft lengths in the longer irons, stronger lofts, and lighter overall weights to max out swing speed, ballspeed, and carry. A larger clubhead and deeper CG location combine to enhance forgiveness on miss hits while also providing higher launch angles despite stronger lofts. The Rogue X comes standard with Aldila Synergy graphite or KBS Max 90 steel shafts as is available in 4-SW.


Golf Digest 2018 Hot List Gold Medal Winner! Mack Daddy 4 is the new standard in wedge performance, led by our innovative new groove-in-groove technology for more spin.

A Challenge from a Legend

In 2016, Callaway’s Chief Wedge Designer Roger Cleveland approached our Advanced Research Team with a challenge: maximize spin. He asked the team to look at everything: the groove-cutting process, groove-depth, spacing, surface roughness and even inspection. Roger asked, “Are we maximizing all aspects of the spin equation?” The Team got busy finding out.

“Finding the answers helped us generate fresh ideas to help us break new ground in the wedge category,” said Cleveland, “allowing us to elevate the performance of our new Mack Daddy 4 wedge to a level we’ve never reached.”
  • More Spin from Groove-In-Groove Technology
  • Four Sole Grinds to Suit a Variety of Playing Styles, Attack Angles and Course Conditions
  • Satisfying Feel from Soft Carbon Steel, Precise CG Locations and Crisp Turf Interaction
  • Broad Range of Lofts and Bounce Combinations
  • Choice of Platinum Chrome or Black Matte Finish
  • Tour-Inspired Shaping