Launch Monitor

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To help us determine what club and shaft configuration is right for you we use a Launch Monitor. The system is a Doppler Radar unit that measures different characteristics associated with how the golf club and the golf ball react at impact.
We use the system to help us determine
  • What loft driver works the best for you and producers the optimum height and spin rate.
  • Which shaft producers the best result in terms of ball flight and spin rates and therefore distance.
  • Whether you perform better with fairway woods, hybrids or long irons.
  • What loft wedges you should use.
  • How high you hit each club.
  • What your carry distance is with each club.
The Launch Monitor measures the following parameters.
  • Clubhead Speed,
  • Clubhead Angle of Attack,
  • Clubhead Path,
  • Swing Plane,
  • Swing Direction,
  • Dynamic Loft,
  • Spin Loft,
  • Face Angle,
  • Face to Path,
  • Ball Speed,
  • Launch Angle,
  • Launch Direction,
  • Spin Axis,
  • Spin Rate,
  • Smash Factor,
  • Landing Angle,
  • Maximum Height of shot,
  • Carry Distance,
  • Sideway distance relative to the target.
  • Total Distance,
  • Hang Time
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