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Mark Auhl PGA Professional Coaching Method

Coaching Philosophy

To see long term improvement for any player, they require coaching to be undertaken in 3 distinctly different areas

  1. Technique Development
  2. Distance or Accuracy control
  3. On Course scoring.

Technique Development

Technique development is about understanding the basic requirements of how the ball is going to fly at the target and what the player needs to do to achieve this. The difference between good players and average players is that the good player swings the club trying to make certain motions, whereas the average player just tries to hit the ball. You can never be a good player whilst you are just trying to hit the ball.

The key questions that we always ask are:

  • What do you have to do to produce the required motion?
  • How do you know whether you have done it right or wrong? (this has nothing to do with the result of the ball)

Distance or Accuracy Control

Golf is a game about controlling the distance that the ball travels or the shape and trajectory of the ball, so as to be able to hit the ball to a target or between 2 targets. 

Distance or Accuracy control is obviously about:

  • Determining how far the ball has to travel
  • Which club do you need to use for the correct trajectory and
  • How much swing do you need with that club to make the ball travel that far?

On Course Scoring

Scoring is about determining

  • What your scoring zones are then practicing trying to make a lower score from that zone
  • How to make good course management decisions regarding attacking and defensive positions
  • Basic course design characteristics that you need to understand so as to develop a good plan of how to play each hole
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