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The Improvement Programs that we conduct here are designed around improving the necessary skills to see long term improvement and attainment of your goals.
As explained in our coaching philosophy, there are 3 main areas of instruction; Technique, Distance or Accuracy Control and On Course Scoring.
Programs are designed around improving all 3 of these areas.
Programs begin with an assessment of your current game whereby we do a 100/110 ball test and obtain a numerical number that is relative to your golf game.
From this we draw up an individual program based upon the test result and what is required to be done, to have you achieve your handicap or scoring goal.
Ultimately every player is different and therefore your program will be dependent on what you require to achieve your goal.
There are 2 Improvement Programs based solely on time frames. The Programs run for either 6 months or 12 months.
Essentially the difference between the programs is that the 12 month program produces a slightly better result than the 6 month one because we can do more of the scoring component of learning how to play the game of Golf.
Programs include:
  • 1 hour initial assessment of your current Golf Game
  • Weekly lessons before your end date,
  • Folder with all relevant information supplied
Programs cost are
6 months= $1395, 6 payments of $243, or 19 payments of $77
12 months= $2495, 12 payments of $212 or 33 payments of $77.

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