BGA Race Series Events

2022 event 6 - ballarat golf club

sunday 24th of july, tee times from 11:30am


Entry fees

Club BGA Member $39.20 - Sign up via your Member Jungle login

Non Club BGA Member $49 - Click here to sign up

Ballarat Golf Club Member $10 - Click here to sign up


Club BGA will host a minimum of 10 events per calendar year to provide golfers with enough opportunity to enter the race series.

Most (if not all) Race to Queenstown qualifying event will be run using the Stableford scoring system (may be changed at the discretion of Club BGA organisers) using ‘LIVE SCORING’ using the ‘GOLF GENIUS’ software platform and physical cards as a sign off. Scores must be done in pairs at minimum and groups/playing partners will be assigned by Club BGA organisers with a view on fairness.

Each event will attract a points value from 1st through to 20th in fields under 40 and 1st through to 30th in fields of 60 or more player. Each participant will also attract a minimum participation points value. At minimum the Top 5 placing points will always be the same.

Over the year, participants points values will accumulate until they have played in three events. Should a player participate in more than three events, the participants best three scores will be used. Should you be awarded points for placing in the race series event, these points will be provided to you in place of your participation points value. The place getters points value will always be greater than the participation points.

BGA will continually host a ladder for the Race to Queenstown on our website which will allow all participants to check their scores.


To qualify for the ‘FINAL’, all entrants must participate in a minimum of three Race to Queenstown events if they have played competitive golf before or 5 if the Race to Queenstown is your first competitive event using your GolfLink Handicap number. Any participant can play more and is encouraged to do so to improve their chance to win however only their top 3 points will be used to total their score.

To qualify for the FINAL, the participant must be a Club BGA Member.

At the end of the calendar year qualifying events, the top 25 ranked players will be invited to play in the ‘FINAL’. The ‘FINAL’ will be a stroke play event where the winner on the day will win the major prize with prizes available to other place getters.

The top 5 ranked qualifiers will enter the ‘FINAL’ free of charge and will be given an advantaged starting position in support or the annual success achieved as per below;
1st Place – 5 Strokes                        2nd Place – 4 Strokes                       3rd Place – 3 Strokes       
4th Place – 2 Strokes                        5th Place – 1 Strokes                        Rest of Field – 0


The final will be a celebration of golf and the year and will be played as a Stroke event with a double par + scoring system for the top 25 qualifiers. We will also host a 2-man Ambrose event for the rest of the field, to all be a part of the FINAL. The event will be held in December 2022 or January 2023 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.


There will prizes available at each event including winner and placing (top three) prizes, longest drive and nearest to pin.

Prize values may vary at each event but will be announced prior to each event or on the day before the start of play.

The ‘FINAL’ will contain a host of prizes including the below major prizes;

1st PLACE – An all expense paid (excluding food and additional expenses) trip to Queenstown, New Zealand with CGE Golf Tours for 5 days and 6 nights of accomodation to play in the Central Otago Autumn Golf Classic, including 5 rounds with daily and overall prizes, a new set of Titleist Golf Clubs (10 Clubs including 1 x Driver, 1 x Fairway, 1 x Hybrid and 7 irons) fully fitted by a BGA Golf Pro or the Titleist fitting centre and a new outfit from FJ Golf including new shoes, polo, pants/shorts and cap as selected by BGAPS Pty Ltd in conjunction with the prize winner.

2nd PLACE – Bushnell Pro XE (or equivalent model at the time of the ‘FINAL’ plus a $500 BGA Pro Shop Voucher (to spend on Titleist or FJ product)

3rd PLACE - $500 BGA Pro Shop Voucher to spend at a participating BGA Pro Shop store (to be spent on Titleist and FJ product

Other prizes will be given on the day at the discretion of BGAPS Pty Ltd.


BGA believe that golf is a sport that requires honesty and good sportsmanship. Any participant that fails to adhere to the rules of golf, respect the golf club and golf course at each event, is found cheating in any way or competes in bad sportsmanship as deemed by BGAPS Pty Ltd may be disqualified from the Race to Mission Queenstown at the discretion of BGAPS Pty Ltd with no refund or otherwise.

BGAPS Pty Ltd also reserve the right to request the pay back of any prizes or otherwise given should a participant be found to be in conduct with the above.