About BGA

"To provide exceptional value to our customers"

At BGA Pro Shop our mission statement says it all. We share the same passion for this great game as you do and want to give you the best experience possible. The word “value” carries different meanings for different people but we are here to give you the best brands, service, range and price through our stores.

BGA are a group of Pro Shops joined together to share ideas, best practices and initiatives to improve your experience.

Each of our stores will give you the Best Golf Advice that you need to improve your game and enjoy golf.

The StorY of BGA Pro Shop

It started with a simple phone call by two friends who had finished with their previous companies at roughly the same time. They had all this experience in the golf industry but were looking for a change. An opportunity to do more for the Golf Professional whilst improving the offer to the consumer. Luckily during this phone call they talked about their passion for this industry which they both loved and how they wanted to make a difference. So in March 2017, BGA Pro Shop was established. Their goal was to get more people to play this great game but also help small businesses prosper. One owner had worked as the head of one of the fastest growing golf companies in Australia and the other had come from a “big box” golf retailer. With their experience, they wanted to give Pro Shops the support, skillsets and resources needed to provide customers with the best value in the industry. To bring industry bodies together and make a positive impact on the Golf Industry.