Nozzles_Gilmour02-1-(1).jpgDriver fitting is about maximizing distance whilst maintaining some accuracy to be able to hit the ball on the fairway. The best way to understand the ball flight that you should produce from the driver, is by holding a hose, turn the water on, and observe how to get your maximum distance from spray. You will notice that you will need to hold the hose at an angle of around 45°.

Therefore, with drivers, when you hit the ball somewhere near the correct position on the face, we want to see a ball flight of around 40 to 45°. Too high or too low, and you will lose distance. In fitting a driver, we will first ensure that you are swinging properly to your finish position, catching the ball slightly on the upswing to help launch the ball correctly. Once this is done, we will try different head designs, shaft combinations, and hosel configurations to fine tune a driver that works the best for you.


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