The SAM Puttlab is an analysis and training system based around accurate ultrasound measurements. Basically a launch monitor for putting.
The system helps us discover your individual strengths and weaknesses in regards to your putting stroke. The information gathered allows us to help you improve the efficiency of your putting stroke. The system also allows us to determine assessment principles in regards to loft angles and effective lie angles at impact.


Once you have hit some putts, a report is produced that will give us accurate information on the following factors,
  1. Aim at Address.
  2. Aim at impact.
  3. Face change from address to impact.
  4. Clubhead path at impact.
  5. Face direction relative to path at impact.
  6. Ball direction,
  7. Impact position on face
  8. Impact height on face.
  9. Effective loft at impact.
  10. Rise Angle of the putter.
  11. Predicted launch of the ball.
  12. Height of putter above the ground at impact.
  13. Face rotation before and after impact.
  14. Rotation rate at impact.
  15. Rotation relative to path.
  16. Movement dynamics.
  17. Backswing rhythm
  18. Impact timing.
  19. Speed at impact.
  20. Backswing timing.
  21. Forward swing timing.

As you can see there are numerous different pieces of information we use to help you putt better. We also can use this system when we are determining what putter suits you the best and also what specifications the putter needs to be.

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