Golf Club Iron Fitting

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By : Cranbourne Pro Shop

How does golf club fitting work?

The club fitter will start by learning more about your handicap, height and shot preferences, and then watch you hit a few shots with your current set.

Factors such as face angle, launch angle, spin rate, ball speed, angle of attack and club path are then examined using the launch monitor.

The fitter is trying to discover the best head-shaft combination that optimises distance and consistency, and will advise on the correct grip, shaft flex, shaft, club length, loft and lie through the bag.

Time, effort and money are typically three things we hear the average serious golfer list as the main reasons for not taking a trip to the custom fitters.

True time and a little bit of effort are required to organise a club fitting but no cost, when you book a fitting with Tim.

So if you are considering a new set of irons, contact the Pro Shop to arrange a time.  

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