New Vokey SM9 Wedges

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By : BGA Golf

The popular Titleist Vokey wedges have just released their newest model, the SM9. Led by lead engineer and founder, Bob Vokey, the 2022 line of wedges come with brand new technology and more options than ever. As such, it can be very challenging to find the right set up for your game, we recommend you book yourself a fitting, please contact the Pro Shop for more info on this. 

In the meantime, see the information below on the different grinds in the SM9 series, and how they could benefit your game. 

K Grind - The Ultimate in Soft Conditions

The K Grind is the highest bounce wedge in the lineup and is the ultimate bunker club. A wide, full sole wedge with enhanced camber, the K Grind is forgiving from a variety of softer sand and turd conditions. For players requiring forgiveness in a full, wide sole. 

L Grind - Maximum Versatility
The L Grind is the lowest bounce option in the mix. The heel, toe, and trailing edge relief allow for maximum greenside versatility. This club is perfect for firm conditions and designed for precise players who have complete control at impact, allowing for maximum shot shaping ability. For precise players and firm conditions. 

F Grind - All Purposed Grind for Full Wedge Shots

The F grind is an all-purpose grind particularly suited for full shots and shots hit with a square face. Ideal for players who prefer a traditional wedge sole. The F grind is the most played sand wedge on Tour. For Players preferring a full sole for full shots. 

M Grind - Multi-Purpose Grind for Versatility

The M grind, Voke's favourite, is designed for players that like to rotate the club face open and closed to manufacture shots around the green. Ideal for players with shallower, more sweeping swing type who plays shots from a variety of clubface positions. For players who like to manufacture shots around the green. 

S Grind - Narrow and Versatile 
This grind is best for neutral to firm conditions and for players that like to control loft with their hands ahead or behind the ball. For players who prefer square faced shots with a simple technique. 

D Grind - The Player's High Bounce Wedge

The D Grind blends versatility from a heel, toe, trailing edge grind and forgiveness with its high measured bounce. The D Grind is ideal for players with a steeper angle of attack who plays shots from a variety of clubface positions. For players with a steeper angle of attack. 

As you can see, there are so many options to choose from. Within the various types of grinds available, there are of course different degrees of bounce and loft, not to mention shaft, lie angles and more. If you are in need of a new set of wedges and want them to fit your game, contact the Pro Shop today to book your fitting! 
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