Srixon Z-STAR & Z-STAR XV Balls

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By : BGA Golf

Srixon are yet again setting the pace with their premium golf ball offering. This time, with the new Z-Star series, now in its seventh generation. The new Z Star and Z Star XV Balls were released in February of this year, and both models come in the option of a Pure White, or Tour Yellow finish.

The new technology found in these models include a 0.6mm cover, coming in marginally thicker than previous years. The thicker casing has been designed to allow for enhanced control and spin around the greens. This, accompanied with their ‘FastLayer Core’ gives the player optimised distance and incredible feel, from tee to green.

Both of the Z Star balls come with the revolutionary Spin Skin technology with its new ‘Slide-Ring Material’ (SeRM), a urethane coting that covers the ball. This compound allows for more friction with the club face at impact. The malleable material can dig itself deep into the grooves of your wedges, giving the player increased spin, and ultimate control in ‘around the green’ situations.
“The new Z-STAR and Z-STAR XV golf balls are specifically designed for better players and they feature advanced technology to add performance from tee to green” says Vice President of Research & Development, Jeff Brunski. “The new Z-STAR produces the highest green-side spin of any ball in our line-up, thanks to its super soft urethane cover and ‘Spin Skin’ coating. If you demand the absolute best performance, the new Z-STAR and Z-STAR XV are made for you.”

The iconic “Speed Dimple Pattern” includes 338 dimples on each ball. This has been designed for optimised aerodynamics for better flight performance, in any conditions.

Think the new Z-STAR or Z-STAR XV could be right for you? Shop online here. Or come through the ProShop to check out all the models in store!
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