Golf Lessons And Clinics

The most popular of all our Clinic Programs are our Beginner Ladies Clinics. It might be the Wine and Cheese we offer at the conclusion of our evening classes.

We often joke that the ladies just come along to the clinics for the free Wine and Cheese and the opportunity to meet new people and laugh together as the try to learn the game.

Personal Lessons

Take your golf to the next level

Individual lessons are a great option for golfers of all standards.

For beginners it’s a great way to learn the fundamentals of the game. You can start you with the basics of the golf swing learning Chipping, Putting, Irons, Driver, Fairways and Hybrids and then move onto other areas of the game including Course Management, Pitching and Bunker Play. One of the great challengers of the game is learning all the aspects involved.

For those looking to get back into the game or further enhance their knowledge an individual lesson or two can reinforce previous knowledge or learn the skills you have always longed to understand to enhance your enjoyment of the game.

The club golfers playing in their weekly golf events should be having an individual lesson every three months at a minimum. See it as servicing your Golf Swing regularly as you Service your Car. It’s a great way to pick up on bad habits before they become to engrained and to make sure you are working on the correct things all the time.

Private Lessons

Private Tuition

  • 30 Minutes - $60
  • 45 Minutes - $90
  • 60 Minutes - $110


  • 6 x 30 Minute Sessions - $300
  • We can create an improvent plan to suit golfers of all levels.  We start with a game analysis and create the perfect plan to achieve your holas, needs and budget.

Improvement Plans

Pro Shop Coaching Hours

Ange Tatt

  • Monday – 11am till 4pm
  • Tuesday – 9:30am till 5pm
  • Wednesday – 9:30am till 5pm
  • Thursday – 10:30 till 5pm
  • Friday – 8am till 1:30pm

Andrew Cartledge

  • Monday – 8am till 3:30pm
  • Tuesday – 8am till 3:30pm
  • Wednesday – 8am till 3:30pm
  • Thursday – 8am till 3:30pm
  • Friday – 8am till 3:30pm
  • Saturday – 8am till 3:30pm

Travis Tatt Coaching

  • Tuesday – 9:30am till 2pm
  • Thursday – 10am till 5pm
  • Friday – 8am till 1:30pm
  • Saturday – 12pm till 2pm
  • Sunday – 12pm till 1pm


Daniel De Felice Coaching

  • Monday – 8am till 6pm
  • Tuesday – 8am till 6pm

Pro Shop Club Fitting Hours

David Wallis Club Fit Hours

  • Monday – 11am till 4pm
  • Wednesday – 10am till 5pm
  • Thursday – 9am till 5pm
  • Friday – 9am till 3pm
  • Saturday – 9am till 2pm

Travis Tatt Club Fit Hours

  • Tuesday – 9:30am till 2pm
  • Thursday – 10am till 5pm
  • Friday – 8am till 1:30pm
  • Saturday – 12pm till 2pm
  • Sunday – 12pm till 1pm

Ladies Clinics

Ladies Beginner Clinics

The most popular of all our Clinic Programs are our Beginner Ladies Clinics. It might be the Coffee and Cake we offer at the conclusion of our morning Clinics or the Wine and Cheese at the conclusion of our evening classes. As you can see it’s a very relaxed atmosphere and no better way to see whether the game of golf is for you. Most often it is. If the husband or partner has been at you to take up the game come along to one of our programs and see for yourself why so many people get hooked on this great game.
We run Clinic’s bi-annually due to the Ballarat Winter starting in early February and October each year coinciding with the beginning of the 1st and 4th school terms. ** Please stay tuned as we have a Major Renovation to the Driving Range about to happen so we can offer more clinics.
I’m sure you’ve heard it’s a great program and one which you will need to register for early as class sizes are limited to 1 professional to 10 students.

Ladies Clinic Cost

Ladies Beginner Clinics are $129 (6 Weeks) Ladies will also receive either free coffee or cake after the morning classes or wine and cheese after the evening classes.

Junior Clinics

We offer Golf Australia’s My Golf Junior Program for juniors aged between 5-16 incorporating all playing experience. We pride ourselves in the development of juniors in golf and have teamed up with Andrew Cartledge and the Ballarat Junior Golf Academy to facilitate the Junior Clinics. Golf teaches many life skills; how many sports teach kids etiquette and how to keep their own score with the upmost of honesty even having to call penalties on themselves if breaches of the rules are incurred?

We offer Junior Clinics for both Boys, Girls and Mixed. These operate during the School Terms, Please keep a look out for class days and times by visiting www.mygolf.org.au.These programs include Full Swing Irons, Full Swing Woods, Putting, Chipping, Pitching, Bunkers, Rules and Etiquette, and we get out on the Golf Course regularly to advice on Course Management.

Junior Clinic Cost

Junior Clinics cost will vary depending on their involvement in the Ballarat Junior Golf Academy. Prices can be found on www.mygolf.org.au or contact Andrew Cartledge on 0409403276