Vokey SM9 Wedges

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By : BGA Golf

Titleist and Bob Vokey have worked closely with golfers of all levels to create the new and improved SM9 wedge. 

The most noticeable change can be seen in the groove design, the first time Vokey have changed this in 6 years. A new "spin milled" cutting process has been employed, using a cutter that creates the entire scorline rather than a partial scoreline. This results in a more consistant design across all models, and the ability to get the grooves sharper and closer to the USGA limit, ultimately giving you better spin control. You also may notice new micro-grooves between each main groove to help gain spin on all non-full swing shots. 

The SM9 comes in a whopping 23 different models, with lofts from 46 to 62 degrees available. "Grinds are a performance technology," Says founder Bob Vokey, "finding which one is right for you has a direct impact on your short game and score. It takes some education. You need to know how you swing, what conditions you play in most often and understanding how various grinds can benefit you. Remember, your swing travels with you.".

With so many head and shaft options to choose from, the only way you can ensure you get the right wedge for your game is through a fitting. Call the Pro Shop now on 5338 3010 to book a fitting. 
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