Winter Coaching Tip

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With the fairways going dormant, the golf ball sitting down more, soft wet grass and wet sand over the next few months I want all golfers to be smarter in the way they approach their shots.

Fairways - Instead of trying to hit shots you would throughout summer use clubs with more loft to help lift the ball in the air. Hitting a 5 wood or Hybrid instead of a 3 wood will actually work better for you then getting frustrated trying to hit the 3 wood in the air. Look how the ball is lying before selecting the club to hit, sometimes you need to hit an iron despite not being able to hit it onto the green.

Wet Grass – Use clubs with more bounce, instead of trying to hit full SW shots, maybe try using a 9 iron and hitting it softer therefore less chance of the leading edge digging into the ground. This also works around the green where you can use a hybrid or long iron for a chip & Run rather then a high risk lob shot.

Wet Sand – Use the most lofted club in your bag, this will also have the sharpest leading edge to dig down into the hard sand. Make sure most of your weight remains on your front leg so you dig down through the sand and hit the sand HARD….as hard as you would for a full PW shot.
Great advice Ange thank you.
4/06/2021 5:14:23 PM

Great advice Ange thank you.
4/06/2021 5:14:21 PM

Bob Thurman
Good tips Ange. Thanks!
4/06/2021 3:18:57 PM

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