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By : BGA Golf

Cleveland Golf are yet again looking to revolutionise the wedge game. Rather than focusing on performance and fine tuning their wedge, they're focusing on forgiveness.  This may seem like an odd theory, with cavity back style wedges only being introduced into the market in recent years, however, Cleveland believe the performance of these wedges speak for themselves and will be a popular choice for beginners, and those with slower swing speeds. 
The new CBX ZipCore wedge will replace the popular CBX2 model which follwed a similar design. Cleveland have chosen to hollow out the cavity in the new model to help increase the forgiveness from an off-center hit. The head uses a low-density core situated in the heel and hosel. This helps to relocate mass from the heel to the toe of the club to help improve overall perimeter weighting. With a greater dispersion of weight across the whole face of the club, players will notice greater shot performance from off-center hits with a wider "sweet spot".

Designers have also included a TPU insert. This polymer sits behind the face and helps absorb any unwanted vibrations at impact. Due to the hollow design of the club, this insert is crucial to help improve the overall sound and feel, while it may not affect performance as much, it certainly makes the club more attractive to golfers. 
The new CBX ZipCore comes equipped with an UltiZip groove design that we have seen in their previous RTX ZipCore model. This design technology makes the grooves 11 percent sharper and 7 percent deeper for ultimate performance and feel. The new model also includes 2 more groves which was achieved by pushing all grooves 7 percent closer together on the face.

"We've included all the same technology and spin performance that we offer to our tour staff and put it into the CBX ZipCore ... It's tour technology built into a wedge made for real golfers." said Cleveland's VP of R&D Jeff Brunski.
The wedge will be released with three sole grinds to choose from. The v-shaped sole (44-52 degrees) is designed for full swings and helps to keep the club from digging into the ground at impact; the s-shaped (54, 56 degrees) is designed for open faced and bunker shots; and finally, the c-shaped sole (58, 60 degrees) is made for short, tight shots around the green where a wide-open face is necessary.

With these wedges scheduled to be released later this month, will you consider upgrading your wedges to a more forgiveing set up? Click here to find a pro near you to discuss what is best for your short game. 

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