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By : BGA Golf

Cleveland have announced the release of their newest Launcher Driver. Scheduled to be available in Australia from November this year.

The new Launcher XL has been built around the same generous profile that we have seen in previous models, with a 6.7% increase in front to back size of the club head, as well an 11% increase in MOI. The new upgrades have favoried forgiveness and workability. The longer profile allows for higher launch and lower center of gravity. The engineering team at Cleveland have claimed that this has resulted to an average of 27% '"tighter dispersion" compared to the Launchers previous model.

"The Launcher XL drivers hit the ball long and straight - plain and simple," said Jeff Brunski, Cleveland's Vice President of Research & Development. "This is the most forgiving driver line we've ever made. More than anything, you're going to see straigher drives more often." 
Cleveland Launcher XL Driver 460cc 2021 - Golfio
The Launcher XL also uses the rebound frame, that we have seen previously in the Srixon ZX Series. This rigid reinforced frame allows for consistent transfer of power to the face, and essentially creates a maximised spring like effect off the face at impact. The new driver also has an adjustable hosel, giving the player complete control to alter launcher angle and shot shape with a total of 12 potential loft positions. The head also has an 8 gram Action Mass weight inside the grip. This has been designed to reduct the swing weight and helps to square up the face for optimal accuracy and control. 

If you are interested in the new Cleveland Launcher XL Driver, be sure to book a fitting with your nearest BGA Pro here
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