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By : BGA Golf

Mizuno, known for their precision forged irons and buttery feel at impact, have just announced the release of their excluisve Pro line of irons. The Mizuno Pro scripting found on the back was previously seen on the Asian-only line of irons to differentiate from their MP line found across the rest of the globe. The scripting will excite those diehard golfers who understand the quality of a Mizuno iron. 

There will be three models in the new series, and the team at Mizuno have promised that these aren't just another blade. "This line really doesn't lean towards history ... It has a much bigger lean towards what's coming. There's only one traditional club in the whole range - 221. The true essence of Mizuno Pro isn't to be stuck in history, it's to make it. The same guy who's going to be excited to see the old Mizuno Pro logo is going to be blown away that this 223 goes father than any iron that looks like that he's ever seen." said Mizuno's head of product Chris Voshall. 

Mizuno Pro 221

A true classic for any golfer. The Pro 221 is a traditional blade, this is the only iron in the series that acknowldeges the past with a familiar slim line muscle back design. This head has been forged from a bar of 1025E mild carbon steel. Each head undergoes precision construction including a grain-flow, high-density forging process to help keep the metal grains intact from heel to toe for an optimal feel at impact. Sitting just below the carbon steel is a thin layer of copper to further improve the feel. "This is the evolution of the blade. It's everything the better player is looking for. We've made some nice refinements, but it's the true muscleback in the line." said Voshall.
One of the biggest differences from their previous muscle back models has been the displacement of mass from the heel and toe to the muscle pad. This small tweak helps to product a more subtle sound at impact and a softer feel off the face. The 3-6 iron blade length has remained unchanged, while the 7-PW now feature a slightly more compact profile, further appealing to the elite golfer.

Mizuno Pro 223

"This iron took a dramatic step from where we've been in the past. This middle club in the lineup has evolved aggressively over the last number of generations. The middle club was the split cavity, which was just a slighly larger blade with a cavity in it. It was SC with MP-18 and MMC with MP-20, which was out Ti muscleback construction. The MMC was great at distributing weight around and pulling the center of gravity back for a higher launch and more spin, but there was no COR gain whatsoever.". This club has been able to significantly improve performance through speed.'s club tester saw more than a mile per hour ball-speed increase with the new iron compared to previous iterations of the 223 series. 
The 4-7 iron are forged from a high strength Chromoly material that allowed the face to be thinned further for more ball speed off the face. The 8-PW irosn are forged from the same material at the 221, 1025E mild carbon steel. The most notable difference in the shorter irons is the considerably compact profile. This accompanied with a thin top-line, minimal offset and a narrow sole will appeal to the advanced golfer seeking some extra forgiveness. 

Mizuno Pro 225

At first glance, the new 225 may look like a traditional blade iron with a muscle back design similar to that of the 221. However, do not be fooled by the appearance of this blade, as it is infact packed with forgiveness and versatility. Similarly to the 223, the 225 consists of two different head materials across the set. The 2-7 irons are made from a 4135 Chromoly face which is extremely thin to help increase speed. Roughly 28 grams of tungsten weights are then placed in the heel and tow of the hollow cavity, placing these weights on either side of the center help to create greater forgiveness for those off center hits. 
"This is the evolution of the MP-20 HMB iron you've seen before. We've made some really nice refinements to this one as well, and a lot of that's where we've started the design from. It's a perfect execution of that hollow-bodied contruction, but in a more blade-like profile that performs nothing like that.".

The full range of Mizuno Pro Irons are set to be released in Australia in Febuary of 2022. In the meantime, you can shop a wide range of golfing equipment including the current Mizuno products online here

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