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By : BGA Proshop

Ping have announced the release of the new line of G425 products, including woods and irons. Ping is known for their forgiveness, and these new products are no exception, putting even more of a focus into allowing people to hit fairways and greens. After recent success with their tour players and these products, Ping have now made the full series available to the public for purchase.

Tyrell Hatton was using the full set of woods in his triumph at the BMW Championship in November, Viktor Hovland also used the G425 LST (Low Spin Technology) for his December win at the Mayakoba Golf Classic. If that was enough incentive to look into the new products, Bubba Watson used the G425 LST Driver at the CJ Cup, in his bright pink coloured head of course.

The line of G425 drivers comes in three different variants. The LST (Low Spin Technology, SFT (Straight Flight Technology) and the Max.

The Max model has the most MOI (moment of inertia) of any of their drivers in history. This essentially means the club face less susceptible to twisting during a shot. The Max head also comes equipped with 26 gram tungsten weight along the back of the head to accommodate for those golfers who wish to see a fade, draw or straight ball flight.


The G425 LST model has been very popular with the Tour Pros due to its compact size and low launching capabilities. The LST has only a 17 gram adjustable weight in the head, compared to the 26 grams in the Max model. The lighter weight in the back of the head and smaller sized head results in 500-700 rpm lower in spin. With the average PGA Tour player having a spin rate of 2685 rpm, this technology will make a substantial difference.

Finally, the G425 SFT driver is best suited to the everyday club golfer, who can't get rid of their 40 yard slice…yep, we've all been there! The SFT comes with a 23 gram tungsten weight that allows the centre of gravity to be closer to the heel of the club. Ping's results have found that this creates roughly 25 yards of draw bias compared the G425 max driver.


While Ping have used a lot of new technology in creating their new drivers, the visual aesthetics, particularly seen when standing over the ball, remain consistent with their previous models. Ping uses turbulators on the top of the driver to help reduce aerodynamic drag, and can increase your clubhead speed, especially on the downswing.


The Ping G425 Crossover long irons are also a similar looking club to some of their previous models and are Ping's take on the increasingly popular "driving iron". The name "Crossover" is in reference to its hybrid like forgiveness, and long iron like performance, hence a crossover between the two. The thin face helps increase both ball and club speed, while the added weight towards the toe and heel of the club help give the player some forgiveness.


The line of Ping G425 irons focus more on the everyday golfer rather than the low handicappers and tour players. These clubs again, were built around the idea of optimising forgiveness. The G425 irons have essentially replaced the G410 irons. They are a slightly slimmer looking iron, however, the G425 have used new technology known as VFT. VFT (Variable Face Thickness) is used to help the shots that don’t come from the centre of the club as the thicker areas away from the sweet spot allows increased ball speed off the club, and the feel of a middled shot.


Be sure to check in to any BGA ProShop for more info on the full Ping range.

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