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Parsons Xtreme Golf made the bold call back in 2014 to enter themselves into the already competitive golf equipment market. It may not have been as easy a transition as they had originally hoped for. 2 time major winner Zach Johnson still uses the equipment, as well as 19 year PGA Tour Veteran Pat Perez, however, the likes of Billy Horschel and Chez Reavie parted ways with the brand in 2020.

The 2021 Product line sees the introduction of the new Gen4 Family, which includes drivers, fairways, hybrids and irons. In an attempt to stand out in the already crowded market, PXG have tried to make of some technology, never seen before in club heads. This is Aluminium Vapor, or AV, while it sounds pretty cool, what does it actually do? And can it help your golf game?
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AV was first used by shaft manufacturer Mitsubishi Chemical to help stabilise certain sections during production. It was Brian Schweigert, Chief Product Officer at PXG, who thought this technology could also be useful in club heads. The idea is that the AV uses tiny, vaporised particles of aluminium to impregnate the woven carbon fibre material in the crown, to help stiffen the overall structure. The aesthetics is also something that PXG were fond of in the production of this new line, "somebody can look at our Gen4 equipment and instantly know it's outs. We wanted to create a look that was all our own. So we used the silver carbon fibre weave and it gives a very different look."

The body of the Gen4 Drivers is made from Ti811 for stability and strength, where the face is built out of Ti412, a razor thin material designed for optimised speed. A Carbon Fibre insert is also used to help remove any unwanted weight in the head. It is in this insert where the AV technology comes to life. The AV helps keep the weight low while increasing the strength of the carbon fibre to stabilise and stiffen the head at impact.

There are three different models of the new Gen4 driver. There is the XF, X and XT. The XF model is designed for higher handicappers, and is built around maximising forgiveness. The X has a tall face and sloped crown to achieve lower spin and higher launch, this model also comes in a 7.5 degree head. Finally, the XT is the tour inspired iteration of the series, it sports a teardrop shape to minimise drag and it built for faster swing speeds.

The irons have used a familiar design to their past models, with the exposed screws on the back of the club head. The irons also come with an interchangeable weight in the club head, to allow fitters to easily manipulate the swing weight of the club. The idea is that the lighter the weight, the more club speed you can generate, where the heavier the weight, the more forgiveness. The adjustable weight has been designed to be tamper proof, meaning that the consumer will not be able to adjust it after the fitting is complete. At $349 USD per iron, PXG are starting 2021 with a bang, with one of the more premium priced irons on the market.
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