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By : BGA Golf

Adding to the new TaylorMade Stealth Carbonwoods are the new Stealth Irons. While TaylorMade have taken a leap with the new technology in their driver, their new line of irons feature a more familiar look and design. 

The Stealth irons has been constructed as a "game-improvement" club, targeted at those seeking more forgiveness from their irons, TaylorMade's task was to achieve this without comprimising performance, and from all reports, they have done this! Something to get excited about for those looknig to upgrade their equipment this new year.
TM22 IRN TA203 Stealth 8066 v1 
TaylorMade have only released one head in their Stealth iron lineup, a rarity in the golfing industry at the moment. The idea to simplify their range was also thanks to great advances in technology during construction which allowed them to get all they desired in one head. The greatest downfall of game-improvement irons has been the bulky oversized head which some golfers find off putting. TaylorMade however, have made use of new technologies and computer-aided design to create a slim looking, high forgiveness club, something that should appeal to a broad range of golfers, hence the need for only one variation of the club. 

A member of TaylorMade's creation team, Matt Bovee, described golf as an "egotistical game," "it's why you try and crush a [7-iron] instead of going with a soft 6. Players want to have a club that either projects the image of the player they want to be, or who they feel they are - even if that's not really how good they are. They all want to embody that image, so let's give them what they want in the game-improvement space, with the benefit of some more performance.".

Some technology used in the club has been seen in previous models. For example, the multi-material Cap Back design that we originally saw in the SIM iron as well as the 450 stainless steel face. This technology allows the face to flex at impact without comprimising the clubs center of gravity, this helps improve stability for off center hits. There is also an active Thru-Slot Speed Pocket positioned in the head to help create a larger sweet spot on the face for a more consistant strike. A new damening system was also added just behind the face, this helps to optimise the overall sound and feel at impact for ultimate appeal. 

The most notable change in technology with the Stealth irons is seen in the new dent in the Cap Back design. By adding this slight aesthetic change, the team of engineers at TaylorMade have displaced roughly 10 grams of mass from the toe and have moved it deep in the head to create a centre of gravity that is 0.8 millimeters lower. While these may sound like microscopic changes, the impact that they have is anything but. By moving this weight around in the club, the sole is now 3 millimeters larger than previous models, this would have been an issues, as previously mentioned, people generally like a slimmer looking club regardless of their ability. TaylorMade have combatted this by adding a trailing edge chamfer to make the top line visually smaller at address. 
TM22 IRN TA203 Stealth 8023 v1
"The trailing edge chamfer is as much visual as it is functional," said Bovee "it changes the way the iron looks and gives it a different attitude, but it also allows us to store more mass in the sole, especially when you're moving it from high to low."

The TaylorMade Stealth irons will be available in Australia in early April this year. Talk to your local BGA Pro about pre-ordering and booking a fitting!

Leave us a comment below with what you think of the new look irons, will they be something you will look to try in 2022? 

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