TaylorMade TP5 Pix Golf Ball

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By : TaylorMade Newsroom

TaylorMade Golf Company, an industry leader in product innovation and technology, today formally announced TP5 Pix golf balls, optically designed using advanced visual technology to offer more visibility in The Most Complete Tour Ball in TaylorMade’s product lineup.

The Genesis of TP5 Pix

The fastest growing segment for TaylorMade in the golf ball category is non-white (traditional) product. Golfers’ growing trend toward playing a golf ball that allows for a different look has also opened the door to improving visual performance and visual technology through the use of machinery that has never before been used in the space.

Pix, derived from ‘pixelated’, was designed following extensive research with partners at Indiana University, the same team the company has used for a multitude of projects including TaylorMade’s most recent putter line, Spider X, which features the all-new True Path™ alignment system that was optically engineered to help golfers visualize the intended target line for improved putting accuracy.

First and foremost, Pix™ is easier to see than a normal white golf ball. The human eye processes lighter colors more efficiently when it’s darker and darker colors when it’s lighter. It’s this phenomenon that led designers to the two-color design of TP5 Pix. Whereas most competitive products have only one color within a single image or shape, TP5 Pix’s unique design features 2 colors within one shape, further enhancing visibility and delivering a product that’s easy to see, regardless of the time of play during the day. Producing this shape requires a unique, one-of-a-kind printing machine which has taken more than 18 months to design and develop.

In almost every sport utilizing a ball in play, the ball itself delivers immediate feedback – such as a baseball’s spin out of the pitcher’s hand. The larger contrast graphics of TP5 Pix allow golfers to see how much overall and side spin is generated around the green. Pix’s unique pattern with 12 evenly-spaced images allows the product to show spin when putting and chipping. The feedback the ball provides allows the golfer to immediately see the amount of spin being generated and the direction of that spin on shots on and around the green. 


Durability of graphics is a foremost concern on any golf ball with graphic or lettering, and to contest wear and smearing of the graphics on TP5 (and TP5x), engineers have utilized under coating printing to ensure maximum graphic durability. This is the same process the TaylorMade logo and TP5 side stamp goes through to ensure the performance features of the shapes will last as long as possible

The Performance of TP5 Pix

Highlighted by its new High-Flex Material (HFM) and Speed-Layer System, TaylorMade has taken the ’19 TP5(x) line to a new level of performance – built on the same platform, TP5 Pix is no exception.

The new Speed-Layer System is comprised of four increasingly stiff layers, featuring a new material called HFM. HFM is the fastest material TaylorMade has ever used and is essentially a tightly wound spring and when compressed generates more rebound energy for more ball speed. The tightly wound spring characteristic of HFM also increases the force on the driver face, further increasing the speed of the golf ball when it leaves the driver face.  

Tri-Fast Core 

The Tri-Fast Core consists of an extra-large, low-compression inner core (16 compression in TP5 Pix, the exact same as TP5) and a progressively stiffer outer core and mantle. The combination of these three layers work in conjunction to create lower drag and increased carry—the primary reason TP5 and TP5x have become the hottest Tour balls in golf. The Tri-Fast Core delivers breakthrough iron performance by achieving maximum carry, giving golfers of nearly every swing speed (over 60 MPH) choosing less clubs into the green.

Dual-Spin Cover 

The Dual-Spin Cover boasts an ultra-soft cast urethane cover and a 30% more rigid inner cover. This system creates a condition that is ideal for greenside control, as the rigid inner cover forces the soft urethane cover into wedge grooves for maximum spin generation. 

Additional enhancements in the 2019 TP5 and TP5x models includes a new Soft-Tough cast urethane cover. In order to achieve improved scuff resistance, shear resistance, and overall durability, the new cover features a cast urethane compound and new paint formulation to help each ball feel better and last longer.

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17/08/2020 3:27:59 AM

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17/08/2020 3:27:50 AM

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17/08/2020 3:27:39 AM

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16/08/2020 12:18:26 PM

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16/08/2020 12:18:08 PM

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16/08/2020 12:17:57 PM

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16/08/2020 12:17:46 PM

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16/08/2020 5:59:22 AM

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16/08/2020 5:59:13 AM

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16/08/2020 5:59:02 AM

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16/08/2020 5:58:51 AM

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8/08/2020 8:12:38 PM

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8/08/2020 8:12:29 PM

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8/08/2020 8:12:19 PM

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8/08/2020 8:12:03 PM

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8/08/2020 8:11:51 PM

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5/08/2020 5:39:23 PM

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5/08/2020 5:39:14 PM

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5/08/2020 5:39:05 PM

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5/08/2020 5:38:56 PM

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5/08/2020 5:38:45 PM

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4/08/2020 7:47:31 PM

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4/08/2020 7:47:13 PM

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4/08/2020 7:46:57 PM

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4/08/2020 7:46:41 PM

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4/08/2020 7:46:21 PM

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4/08/2020 1:00:07 AM

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4/08/2020 12:59:57 AM

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4/08/2020 12:59:39 AM

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4/08/2020 12:59:30 AM

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3/08/2020 3:10:09 PM

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3/08/2020 3:09:46 PM

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3/08/2020 3:08:51 PM

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3/08/2020 3:08:22 PM

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3/08/2020 10:36:52 AM

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3/08/2020 10:36:28 AM

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3/08/2020 10:36:04 AM

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3/08/2020 10:35:39 AM

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2/08/2020 11:01:00 AM

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2/08/2020 11:00:47 AM

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2/08/2020 11:00:33 AM

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2/08/2020 11:00:24 AM

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2/08/2020 11:00:15 AM

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2/08/2020 6:28:47 AM

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2/08/2020 6:28:24 AM

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2/08/2020 6:28:10 AM

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2/08/2020 6:27:50 AM

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2/08/2020 6:27:38 AM

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2/08/2020 4:06:29 AM

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2/08/2020 4:06:20 AM

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2/08/2020 4:05:47 AM

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2/08/2020 3:12:36 AM

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2/08/2020 3:12:27 AM

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2/08/2020 3:12:18 AM

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2/08/2020 3:12:09 AM

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2/08/2020 3:11:58 AM

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1/08/2020 1:42:49 PM

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1/08/2020 1:42:39 PM

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