The NEW Callaway Epic Speed, Epic Max & Epic Max LS

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By : BGA Proshop

Callaway, a brand best known for their impressive history of drivers and fairways, have just announced the release of a new extended line of metal woods. After recently using the Jailbreak technology and "Flash Face" in their previous models, Callaway have yet again set the bar high in terms of high quality driver technology.

The new line has made use of a Jailbreak AI Speed Frame Design. This technology has been created with the help of Artificial Intelligence, and will be seen in all of their Epic Speed, Epic Max and Epic Max LS drivers.

The original Jailbreak technology made use of two 3-gram titanium bars running from the sole to the top of the face, this was designed to stiffen the body for a more efficient transfer of energy across a larger area of the face at impact. Callaway have now taken this a step further, these new models will include an additional two contact points in the sole and crown which will add horizontal stiffness to the face. Adding horizontal stiffness "helps improve the stiffness of the body and makes energy exist in the face, in the direction of impact, for a broader range of impact locations" said Callaway's VP of Research & Development, Dr. Alan Hocknell.

The Epic Speed driver has made use of the Cyclone Aero shape, that we've seen previously on the Maverik driver, with a raised crown, shorter body and lifted sole. The head also comes equipped with a carbon toe patch which encourages a draw.

The Epic Max, comes in a 9, 10.5 and 12 degree head. It has an adjustable 17 gram weight along the back of the head to adjust and dial in ball flight. This weight movement can account to up to 20 yards of ball flight correction. The additional weights in the back of the head will also suit those golfers who like to see a high draw off the face.

The final model of the series, the Epic Max LS is a replacement of the Sub Zero model. The Epic Max LS uses a completely different configuration, and Callaway have taken advice from their tour players, of whom, more and more are opting to go away from low spin drivers. Hocknell said "yes, its lower spin than some other models like the Max, but not super low spin. This driver is actually derived from tour feedback. There not really searching for the lowest possible spin anymore. They're playing golf with spin rates around 2600-2700 RPMs. This driver is designed to do that with neutral characteristics".

With the entire line-up being available for purchase in late Feb, will you be looking to update your bag for 2021?

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