Why play golf


Golf is a game for all ages and there are many reasons why you should play.

Health – Want to live longer?

For many people, when they think about golf “fitness” and “exercise” isn’t the first thought that comes to mind. While golf is a great game with many health benefits people forget that you can burn a minimum of 500 calories (that is 2 Big Macs) over a 5 – 7km walk (depending on how straight you hit the ball). Not only that you are in mother nature's backyard breathing in clean fresh air soaking in the sun.
From a study carried out late 2016 by the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, not only is golf a challenging game both mentally and psychically, studies have shown that the key benefits of playing golf include improvements in life expectancy (it says golfers can live up to five years longer than nongolfers on average). According to the study, golf can be expected to decrease the risk of more than 40 major chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart attacks, and colon and breast cancer. Current research shows that golf has positive impacts on cholesterol, body composition, metabolism and longevity.

According to another study by the Golf & Health Project, supported by the World Golf Foundation, golf can help you:
  • Live longer: Those who play golf can live five years longer than those who don't play.
  • Have a healthy mind: Regular physical activity decreases the risk of anxiety, depression and dementia.
  • Have a healthy body: Golf, which can provide moderate physical intensive activity, can be expected to decrease the risk of more than 40 chronic diseases, like type 2 diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, and colon and breast cancer.
  • Increase wellness benefits: Golf has been shown to have confidence, self-esteem and self-worth benefits

For all ages - Not just an old person’s game

The myth behind “you have to be old and successful” to play this game is long gone. Golf is such an accessible game to all ages now that many younger people don’t realise. There will always be elite conscious people in any sports that want to make their game seem more important but golf is a game for everyone.
There are many junior golf programs out there for the younger ones and many golf courses encourage this. Think about a sport which you could have 3 generational playing at the same time in the same group. It’s rare but golf is one of those few games. As a junior, you quickly learn some life skills which are important for later in life. Discipline, Respect, Social Interaction and Time Management are just some of the simple things you learn while playing golf but most importantly it is about having fun.  

Social – Game FOR A lifetime

Many people play sports for all sorts of reasons and not everyone wants to win a major professional trophy. For some it is for health (feeling good) and others for the social interaction (friendship and inclusion). Golf is no different but because you can start at a young age and still play when you are well into retirement, the diverse mix you are cross paths with is amazing. Many long term friendships have been born out of golf and as much as it is an individual sport the social aspect of golf is something many people forget.