Swing basics

We are all created differently and are all unique in our special way.

When it comes to our golf swing there are some fundamentals that we need to follow but with so many successful PGA professional out on tour winning tournaments with different swings is there really a right or wrong swing?

One of the most unique golf swings has to be Jim Furyk. If you don’t know what his golf swing looks like just have a look at the video on the right, you will be amazed but it is all about the right fundamentals in his golf swing. Did you know with his golf swing Jim has won close to $68 million USD over his career? That does not include sponsorship and endorsement deals as well. That is a lot of money and I am sure we can say he has so far had a successful career.

So with that said as you are looking at improving your golf it is important that you find the right golf coach. We explained why golf lessons are important in the “Book a lesson” tab but finding the right one is just as important. Different coaches have different philosophies on the golf swing and like any relationship you need to find the right one that “clicks” with you. Golf is an investment of your time and I am sure you want to play better golf but also have fun while you are doing it.

 Finally if you are going to invest in the right golf equipment and golf coach make sure you dedicate some time to practice. Just because you have your equipment fitted to your swing or you are getting lessons this is not a magic potion to playing better golf. You need to practice and as Jason Day once said “if I practice today I believe in three weeks time that the practice will pay off”. This is going to be different for different golfers but don’t forget to practice.

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