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By : BGA Golf

The new Callaway Epic Super Hybrid has pulled together the most successful technologies that have been used in their previous fairway woods. Including a multi-material titanium and carbon body, tungsten weights in both the heel and toe, as well as an AI designed insert on the face and the jailbreak technology that stiffens in a vertical direction to provide maximised face flexing.
All-Titanium Face + Jailbreak A.I. Velocity Blades illustration
The idea for this super hybrid is to combine the forgiveness and versatility of a hybrid with the performance of a fairway wood. With the amount of technology they have added to this club, we wouldn’t be surprised if it became the new “big thing” on Tour, and at your local golf club.

Senior Vice President for Research and Development at Callaway, Allan Hocknell, had this to say on the new release, “This is a club that people want to his far but has to have a certain degree of utility in it. They have to be able to launch the ball as well, it has to be forgiving for off-centre impacts because sometimes the lies you find yourself in don’t allow you to hit the ball as consistently as you would want. People also use it as a replacement club off a tee. The total package is really the sum of the best of our technologies that we have available at the moment all bought into one head.”.

The use of Artificial Intelligence is something that Callaway introduced in the production of their previous Epic models. “We use the A.I. to give us the vertical stiffness while allowing the face to be as flexible as possible” said Hocknell.
Tungsten Weighting illustration
Similarly, to the makeup of the Epic Speed Fairway Woods, the new Super Hybrid has two angled bars positioned behind the titanium face of the club. This is the newest installation of their famous “Jailbreak” technology which we first saw back in 2017, now known as the “jailbreak velocity blades”. The two bars provide stability across the entire face of the club, supporting the idea that even your off-centre hits will still get maximised distance and wont stray too far from the middle.

The Epic Super Hybrid a titanium body and a carbon composite body, most often found in fairway woods and drivers. This allows for the oversized shape of the club, and its ability to replicate the performance of that of a 3 wood.

“It gives you the ability to create volume and then to put other heavy elements within that volume to steer mass properties to create forgiveness and the kind of launch characteristics that people are looking for. The larger body shape created places to put those weigths that you don’t normally get in a hybrid. By custom shaping then to the body, we can put them very close to the perimeter. They’re also affixed to the sole so you can’t really get any lower than where they’re at.”.

Have you had the chance to hit the new Epic Super Hybrid? If so, get in contact with us and let us know what you thought.
You can also shop the new hybrid on our online store now, click here to shop. If you want some more information about whether this new hybrid is right for you, book a fitting with one of our qualified BGA Pros here.
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