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By : BGA Golf

Cobra have just announced their new line of woods for 2022, the LTDx series, which will replace the successdul RadSpeed family of 2021. 

Cobra currently have one of the "biggest" assets in the golfing industry, Bryson DeChambeau. He has revolutionised the way the game is played, and is attracting fans from other sports to golf. His aggresive and powerful game style has sparked conversation from local club golfers, all the way to the PGA Tour executives. Whether it's good or bad, people are certainly talking about Bryson. 

Cobra have used this to their advantage and have heavily consulted DeChambeau in the design phase for the new woods, not only for his golfing skill and ability, but also for his freakishly scientist like mind. Together, they have contsructed drivers that sit in what they call, the "Unicorn Zone". The Unicorn is where the club is as close to zero Center of Gravity neutral and as close as possible to the 5900 MOI limit imposed by the USGA. This essentially allows maximum forgiveness with maximum speed off the face and therefore clubhead speed. The name of the drivers themselves' the "LTD" stands for Longest Total Distance, a clear insight into the ambtions of both DeChambeau and Cobra Golf. 

The new drivers are already proving themselves on tour, just last month, DeChambeau broke his own ball speed record with the new LDTx, surpassing 220 mph, something that had been a goal of his for over 12 months, even he didn't think he could complete this feat so soon. 

The LTDx lineup includes 3 different models. The LTDx LS (available in 9 & 10.5 degrees) is their low spin model, with weight predominantly in the front of the head, this club encourages low launch. The LTDx Max (9, 10 & 12.5 degrees) is an opposing model, with the weight positioned towards the back of the club for extra help launching, as well as a slight draw bias for those who like to see a right to left ball flight. Finally, the LTDx (9, 10.5 & 12 degrees) is a combination of the two, combining the performance and distance of the LTDx LS and the forgiveness and workability of the LTDx Max.

LTDx drivers

The full LTDx also comes in two different colourway options as seen above, the black and gold, or blue and white.

The new range is scheduled to be available for purchase in Australia next month, will you be giving the new Cobra's a try? Leave us a comment below. 

Be sure to check out your local Pro Shop for fitting and demo updates. 

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