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By : BGA Golf

Ping have announced the release of their new i525 iron, and despite the small and slim stature, there is heaps of new technology packed into its design! The new iron has been described as a "players distance iron", combining the performance of a traditional blade, with the forgiveness and playability of a game improvement club. If Ping have done this successfully, it may suit just about every golfer out there. 

Ping have focused on increasing ball speed off the face, which is ultimately the best way to gain distance. The maraging steel face of the i525 is similar to what we have seen in the previou i500 model. To appeal to the golfer, Ping have also spend extensive time on fine tuning the sound off the face. The i500 had a hollow cavity design giving you a more pronounced and clearer sound off the face, with the new i525 there has had to be some manipulations to get the same result. 

 Ping have worked closely with their #1 Tour Pro, Cameron Champ, to get the desired outcomes for this club. Champ seems to be enjoying the new i525, after reportedly hitting his 3 iron close to 300 yards. He is currently using the new i525 in his 3 and 4 iron. 

"One of the biggest challenges we face in designing clubs is tuning the feel and sound. Because of the 1525 metal-wood-style face design, we knew sound would require additional attention to ensure the gains in distance didn't come at the expense of feel. We couldn't scrifice one attribute just to improve another," said John Solheim, President of Ping. 

To combat the acoustic issues, Ping have inserted 4 grams of EVA Polymer behind the face and in the heel to get a more appealing sound and feel at impact. 
thumbnail of i525 iron exploded face illustration
"The sound was a lot more muted and less loud," said Kenton Oates, Ping Tour Rep, "the prototype started to sound more like [the] iBlades".

While the polymer helps with a more appealing sound, it does not affect the overall performance of the club. The main change in performance technology from the i500 model is seen in the new internal sole undercut which has been addede to the 17-4 stainless steel body. This helps to increase the flex of the face for higher ball speed and increased launch, effectively making the club perform at the level of a fairway wood. 

"As we advance all of our iron technologies through our continuous research and knowledge development, it's important for golfers to understand the different attributes engineered into each model. The i525 is clearly for the golfer in search of more distance. But it offers so much more performance, including exceptional forgiveness concealed in a players-style head." said Solheim. 

To help with forgiveness and playability, tungsten weights have been added into the toe and shaft to help increase the perimiter weighting for more stability on off center hits. This results in a tighter dispersion on all kinds of strikes, appealing to those golfers who don't hit the middle as much as they would like!

What do you think of the Ping i525 irons? Will you be looking to upgrade in 2022? Let us know in the comments below. 
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