The New Mizuno M.CRAFT Putters

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By : BGA Proshop

The popular Japanese product manufacturer, known for their precision players irons, have reintroduced themselves in to the putter market, with a new line of products.

Mizuno have recently announced the extension of their M.CRAFT line of milled putters, the range boasting 3 new styles, is set to be released in February of next year. Similarly to their irons, Mizuno have put precision at the forefront of their design and manufacturing.

The M.CRAFT was introduced at the start of this year, with the M.CRAFT I, M.CRAFT II and M.CRAFT III, there new line will see the M.CRAFT IV, M.CRAFT V and M.CRAFT VI introduced to the competitive market.

The IV is suited to players with a moderate putting arc, and showcases a slant neck and deep square back shape. The V is a deep mallet, toe-hang putter, made for players with a deep arcing stroke. The final model, the VI, is a wing mallet shape, similar to that of the popular Odyssey 7.

The 2020 models of the M.CRAFT will also be re-released with the new models. The I, II and III are more classic shapes, with a squareback design, a standard blade and a mid-mallet.

With each head weighing 355 grams, they are slightly heavier than the average putter, buyers can then customise their putter, with the additional weight kit which comes with two 3 gram weights and two 13 gram weights.

All M.CRAFT are forged and CNC Milled from 1025 mild carbon steel, this ensures premium feel and precision. The consumer has a choice of three colours for each head, there's the Classic White Satin, the Blue ION and Black ION. They come fully fitted with KBS Tour Shafts and Lamkin Grips. 

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