Tiger and Charlie Woods are runners up at the PNC Championships

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By : BGA

Tiger Woods makes an amazing comeback after almost losing his leg in a freak car accident this year in February to finish runner up in the PNC Championships with his 12 year old son Charlie Woods.

Tiger and Charlie thrilled the crowd as they reeled off 11 straight birdies to try to catch the eventual winners John Daly and his son John Daly Jr who won the tournament by 2 shots.

"Well, we thought we're probably going to have to birdie every hole the back nine, or if not, eight out of nine to have chance, and it turned out to be that way," Tiger Woods told reporters after the duo's round. "That's the last hole and we were on a run and it's like, 'Hey, even if we're on a run, we still needed maybe three to maybe get into a playoff or make it interesting for the Dalys there. But man, what a blast it was. Play with [Matt Kuchar] and his son, Cam. We just had a blast all day."

Once again Charlie stole the show this year. He showed why he was the son of Tiger Woods’ by hitting some amazing drivers off the tee and making some critical putts when it mattered. As the media and crowds were watching how Tiger would make his comeback into golf, Charlie was just as equally poised and unflappable. He performed way beyond his years and there are some odds makers out there that think he would win a major one day.

“I’m happy and thankful that I’m able to do this. What a blast it was,” said Woods, who used a cart to get around the Ritz-Carlton Golf Club in Orlando. “I still have my old leg, which was questionable for a while, and it’s functioning. I’m just really tired. I’m not used to this. I think this might be my fifth round of golf this year. I’m a little worn out, but it was nice to have a cart.”
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